What is SSH? & What port does SSH work?

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SSH, or Secure Shell, is a cryptographic network protocol that provides a secure way to access and manage remote systems. It enables secure communication over an unsecured network and allows for secure command-line access, file transfers, and tunneling. SSH operates on port 22 by default.

Follow-up Question: Why is it essential to change the default port for SSH, and what security considerations should be taken into account when doing so?

Answer: Changing the default SSH port is a common security practice to enhance the security of a system. It adds a layer of obscurity, making it less susceptible to automated attacks targeting the default port.

When changing the SSH port, it’s crucial to ensure that firewall rules are appropriately configured, and access is restricted only to authorized users. Additionally, maintaining regular security audits and monitoring for any suspicious activity on non-standard ports is essential for a comprehensive security strategy.

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